The debut project from YYC Queer Writers and the first volume of Screw Chocolate, released in February 2017 as an online multimedia project, turns Valentine’s Day and romantic love conventions upside down and then some. Who wants chocolate for on February 14th? Screw chocolate! Queer up Valentine’s Day instead with these sassy, sexy, sweet (yet sometimes deliciously filthy) valentines by a posse of queer authors who have a fresh, occasionally revolutionary (always, insightful) take on love.

A perfect Valentine’s gift for the queer reader in your life.

Featuring fiction (or is it?), poetry, and non-fiction (or is it?) from Dallas Barnes, L. Sara Bysterveld, Lotis Cervantes, M. Jane Colette, Marzena Czarnecka, Elisa Kae, Brooke Nicholas, Alyssa Linn Palmer, Nola Sarina, Dana Stan, T, and PW Zellie, and photography by Jennifer Weihmann.